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The Houston injury attorneys at Denena & Points were troubled to hear of an unfortunate backover accident that serious injured a little girl in an apartment complex parking lot. Wednesday evening around 6 p.m., a woman was pulling her vehicle out of its parking space to drive to work when she accidentally backed over a toddler named Aliah Melgar. The child’s aunt was babysitting her at the time. The news report makes no mention of the aunt’s whereabouts when this tragic accident happened. The accident occurred in the Spring Forest complex at Rampart and Bissonet.

The driver seemed deeply troubled too at the terrible accident. Police said she became hysterical when she realized she had accidentally backed over and injured a small child. Little Aliah Melgar reportedly received quite serious injuries and has been flown from m Hermann Southwest to the Texas Medical Center. Police said there is no suspicion of alcohol and no charges have been filed in the accidental backover.

This tragic backover accident comes at a time when lawmakers are asking that automakers be required to put backup cameras in every vehicle by 2014. Backover cameras are certainly a sensible and effective way to address the problem of the large “blind zones” behind vehicles. Studies have shown that some pickup trucks and SUVs have rear blind zones large enough to hide 50 to 60 children.

And our Houston injury attorneys realize that even the most careful driver can’t always detect a child that’s unexpectedly wandered into their blind zone as they backup. And hundreds of backover accidents occur every year, most in family driveways as a relative accidentally backs over a beloved young family member. But automakers maintain that placing backup cameras in every vehicle is far too expensive.

The Houston injury attorneys at Denena & Points aren’t convinced that the safety of young children should be weighed in dollars. Our hearts ache for this injured child and her suffering family members and for the hapless woman who unwittingly backed over her.

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