Honda Issues Recall of 1.5 Defective U.S. Vehicles for Dangerous Software | DENENA | POINTS

Honda announced a recall for the following vehicles:

2007 – 2010 Honda CR-Vs,
2005 – 2008 Honda Elements, and
2004 – 2010 Honda Accords with 4 cylinder engines

Existing software in these vehicles allows gears to be quickly switched between neutral, reverse and drive states. The recall announcement mentions that such quick shifts happen frequently when drivers try to release cars stuck in snow or in mud. Honda states that such quick gear shifts can damage a secondary shaft bearing within the transmission. The damage can cause the car’s engine to stall. The damage can also cause the car’s parking gear mechanism to jam. The jammed parking mechanism could permit the car to roll unexpectedly after the car has been parked. Honda reports no deaths or injuries from the problem. The company says that it will update the transmission control software in affected vehicles to reduce the maximum speed at which they can shift between gears. This should avoid the danger of damaging the secondary shaft bearing.

Honda’s voluntary recall may have saved a number of people from dangerous injuries or fatal accidents from cars unexpectedly rolling out of park because of the transmission defect. Vehicle design, manufacturing and assembly defects present serious and unforeseen dangers to the unwary victim. Over the years, you may have heard of several incidents of people killed or severely injured when various cars believed to be securely parked suddenly rolled over them. Some of these incidents resulted from inherent defects in the cars, and others resulted when drivers carelessly parked the vehicles.

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