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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHouston pedestrian injury lawyers note that early Monday morning just after 2 a.m., a witness saw a hit and run driver in a dark-colored Dodge Ram truck strike a Houston pedestrian and keep going. The serious hit and run accident occurred in SW Houston on Westpark at Hillcroft. The male pedestrian was crossing the street when the Dodge Ram truck tried to beat a yellow light and struck him.

Witnesses said that the man caught by the accelerating truck was flipped into the air and landed on the curb with blood coming from his nose and mouth. One witness said that the Houston pedestrian’s legs appeared to be broken and his arms dislocated. The injured man, whose name was not released, received transport to the hospital in critical condition. (Source: click2houston.com, 9/24/12)

Houston police spent several hours conducting an accident and collecting evidence, which included a headlight left behind by the Dodge Ram truck. Police are looking for information on a dark-colored Dodge Ram truck with damage and a missing headlight at the front end.

The Houston pedestrian injury lawyers at Denena & Points have the seriously injured man in their thoughts and prayers today. We hope he has a rapid and full recovery from his injuries. And that people with information on the hit and run driver and his Dodge Ram pickup will come forward and ensure that he’s held accountable for his callous act.

Texas has stiff penalties for hit and run drivers who show callous disregard for their victims and do not stop to render aid after they have caused injury. The Houston pedestrian injury lawyers at Denena & Points caution that especially where the hit and run driver has caused serious bodily injury to a victim or fatal injuries and then fled, the Texas law provides strong punishments.

Drivers who accept their responsibilities and come forward after a hit and run accident could avoid some of the harsher penalties designed for those that try to escape their liabilities. Learn more about Texas law regarding hit and run accidents in the article linked to this post.

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