Highway 190 Bridge Sun Glare Accident Kills 1 Man Near Jasper, TX | DENENA | POINTS

September 22, 2011: On the Highway 190 bridge near Dam B, Bertie Calloway, a 74-year-old woman from Spurger, struck a Dodge construction truck parked on the eastbound side of the highway. Workers had been installing guardrails on the bridge when Ms. Calloway’s truck struck the back of their construction truck with her Chevy pickup.

The impact killed Ms. Calloway’s husband, 79-year-old Ruddle Calloway, who occupied the passenger seat. Ms. Calloway was transported to a hospital with serious injuries. A construction worker also was transported to a hospital with injuries.

A logging truck and a tow truck worked to separate the two wrecked vehicles so that first responders could reach the victim. Authorities closed Highway 190 near Dam B for about three hours in order to clear the scene of the wreck. Ms. Calloway said the sun glare in her eyes caused her to run into the parked construction truck.

Ms. Calloway was driving eastbound, directly into the sunrise, only a day before the autumn equinox when the Earth’s axis is directly perpendicular to the sun, when the wreck occurred.Studies on the subject of sun glare accidents show that this time and the corresponding time going westbound at sunset are the two most likely times to experience sun glare accidents.

We deeply sympathize with Ms. Calloway on her loss, and the misfortune of losing her husband to nature’s pitiless sun glare. We understand that Ms. Calloway suffers severe injuries of her own, including possible internal injuries from the accident. We wish her the strength to get through this troubled and difficult time.

We also hope for a smooth recovery of health and well being for the workers injured while they installed the bridge’s guardrails to safeguard others. Highway construction work presents so much danger of vehicle accidents, from sun glare, driver distraction, reckless driving, and many other things. We know that it takes fortitude to work alongside fast-moving highway traffic. And it’s always saddening to see that one of these brave workers received injuries while working for our safety. We wish the best for all concerned in this unfortunate tragedy.

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