What do the different classes or danger levels on U.S. drug recalls mean? | DENENA | POINTS

Our Houston drug recall attorneys mention that are basically four categories, or danger levels, for FDA drug recalls that you will hear about. The one you hear about most commonly and which the FDA most heavily publicizes is the consumer level recall where the medication has already reached patients and might pose an immediate threat. (There is a similar pharmacy level recall where drugs have already reached pharmacies but have not yet been widely distributed to patients.)

Then there is the Class I recall where drugs are deemed to pose a severe danger to patients and could cause serious injury or death. The drug behind last year’s deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis was subject to a Class I recall.

The Class II recall means that exposure to or use of the medication could cause a patient to suffer temporary or reversible adverse health consequences. This category of recall also operates where the chances of serious health consequences are thought by the FDA to be minimal.

 A Class III recall is issued by the FDA where the medication is deemed unlikely to cause harm to patients.

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