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Car Wash Exposes Defective Auto Brake Systems

Some things just need to work. Brakes are one of them. You need to be able to stop and stay stopped when necessary. It is possible for any product, including defective brakes, to make it through the quality control checks and find their way onto your car.

After the inevitable resulting accident, who do you hold accountable? The manufacturer of the brake parts? The assembler? The car manufacturer? The dealer? A Houston defective auto part lawyer from Denena Points, PC can help you fight a path through to the answer.

Car Wash Crashes

Recently, a pregnant mother and her two children were going through an automatic car wash when they found themselves speeding out of the car wash and into a concrete barrier. Thankfully, the barriers kept them in the parking lot instead of allowing them into the busy road. This has happened to several vehicles of varying makes and models, but it is something mechanics are asking the manufacturers to address before people get seriously injured.

These new instances of defective brakes involve the automatic braking systems found on many cars. When a vehicle enters a car wash, the sensors lock the brakes up because it sees the car wash implements as obstructions. This can happen in many automatic car washes but particularly to the kind where the driver must put the vehicle in neutral, turn off the ignition, and exit the vehicle. The kind of car wash that moves the car via a conveyor belt does not appear to cause these vehicles any trouble.

Product Liability and the Three Defects

When a component on a vehicle leads to an accident, it can be a long and arduous adventure trying to pin down a party and hold them accountable. Product liability laws help victims do this, but they are extensive and not exactly easy to understand. The basic three categories of product liability claims are defective design, defective manufacture, and defective marketing.

A product that is defective before it is ever manufactured has a defective design. If the product is designed correctly, but made or assembled poorly, then it suffers from defective manufacturing. If everything is designed and manufactured correctly, but they failed to provide adequate warnings or instructions concerning the proper use of the product, then that is defective marketing.

Free Legal Evaluation with a Texas Defective Auto Part Lawyer

To prove some of these you might have to find expert testimony. This isn’t the easiest thing to do, so it is prudent to seek the advice of someone familiar with product liability law. Your best option is a defective auto brake lawyer from Denena Points, PC. Together we can get you the support you need to keep living your life comfortably.

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