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The Houston swimming pool accident attorneys at Denena Points, PC emphasize that most pool accidents are preventable. But apartments, condos, resorts, and hotels generally don’t provide lifeguards to keep watch for people who get into trouble in the water. And they often don’t provide pool safety equipment beyond that which the law minimally requires. And even though laws have set limits on pool drains and filter systems, powerful pool drain systems can sometimes unexpectedly trap weak swimmers or non-swimmers under the water. And diving boards and inflatable water slides could lead to serious or fatal injuries even among experienced swimmers.

 Our Houston swimming pool accident attorneys mention that one important thing that you could do to increase your child’s safety in the pool is to equip your child with swimming lessons and water safety knowledge in advance. Many community organizations provide basic and even advanced swimming lessons for all ages at minimal cost. Some might even offer the basics for free to help you protect your child.

  •  Always be sure that your child has responsible adult supervision when swimming or in a pool area.
  • Make sure that you and your child abide by all pool safety and warning notices.
  • And always check to make sure that the pool area provides adequate water safety equipment like life preservers, pool hooks, and life vests. If the apartment, condo, resort, or hotel does not provide this equipment, make sure that young children and weak swimmers of all ages always wear life vests while swimming and in the pool area. Our Houston swimming pool accident attorneys note that the plastic, inflatable floaties that go around the arm aren’t sufficient to protect a child from drowning.

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