How can I ensure that my deck is safely attached to my Galveston home? | DENENA | POINTS

Builders and the International Code Council, which sets safety standards for deck building compliance, recommends that you look at the following areas when inspecting your deck:

  •  Split or rotten wood, or cracks and splits around the nails and deck attachments.
  • Mold, dampness, or spongy or soft wood.
  • Missing, damaged, or loose support beams or planking.
  • Insecure or loose guard railings.
  • Loose, missing, or poorly attached screws, nails, bolts, or anchors where the deck is attached to the home.
  • Use of lag bolts or through bolts (rather than nails) in attaching the deck to the home. Our deck collapse injury attorneys caution that nails will pull out. Through bolts, attached from inside the home with a lock nut, are more secure than even lag bolts, which are far better than nails.
  • Gaps between the house and the deck that indicate a weakening attachment at the deck ledger board or (even worse) failure to use a deck ledger board at all.
  • Use of flashing to protect the deck ledger board and the attachment of the deck to the home from seeping moisture which can cause rot.

Our deck collapse injury attorneys suggest that you apply a new layer of wood stain sealant every year or two to keep your deck wood in good condition. In addition to your own regular inspections, you should have a qualified and licensed building inspector look at your home and your deck periodically. Experience counts. And experienced inspectors might find safety weaknesses that you’ve overlooked.

 Catastrophic deck collapses cause many severe injuries, permanent disabilities, and occasional fatalities each year in the United States. Don’t let yourself, your family members, or your guests be among those statistics. Inspect your deck regularly. And repair or replace the deck and guard railing when needed. It’s much cheaper to hire professional inspectors and to repair or replace a deck than to pay damages awards when you’re found to be liable for a victim’s deck collapse injuries.


Make your deck safe for all who use it. Don’t let innocent victims suffer for lack of inspection or repair.

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