What arecommon safety problems with U.S. decks, porches balconies? | DENENA | POINTS

Corrosion of the hardware that connects the parts of the structure. Our deck, porch and balcony collapse attorneys note that some of the latest wood treatments, while preserving the wood longer, will also corrode the hardware faster.

  • Attachment of the deck, balcony, or porch to the main building with nails rather than bolts.
  • Using bolts that are too short or too small.
  • Improperly anchoring the bolts.
  • Using partial or weak ledger boards.
  • Not connecting the ledger to the band joist and the main building. (It can sometimes appear to connect when it actually does not. Sometimes the band joist has pulled away from the house.)
  • Using joists that are too small or too widely spaced to bear the intended load.
  • Using support poles that are too flimsy, too widely spaced, or poorly connected to the deck, balcony, or porch.

All sorts of things can go wrong with these structures due to their nature as freestanding platforms. A structural engineer who has spent much time studying the issue of deck failure says that in fact most decks, porches, and balconies cannot bear the loads that building codes require them to bear. The reason structural collapses don’t occur more frequently is that these structures rarely even come close to bearing their required loads.

But when decks, balconies, or porches do collapse, the results can be disastrous. Multiple fatalities and severe injuries resulting in lifetime disabilities are not uncommon. Most structural collapses occur at parties when the structures receive heavier loads than usual.

If you’re injured, or you lose a family member to a deck collapse, you should contact our knowledgeable deck, porch, and balcony collapse attorneys right away to protect your rights. We’ve successfully taken other injured clients through the technical complexities of their deck collapse claims. We know the defense arguments and obstacles you’re likely to face, and we know how to overcome them.

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