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Our building collapse injury attorneys note yet another serious structural collapse this summer. On Wednesday afternoon, a building under construction collapsed on Terre Haute, Indiana’s south side at Helen and Third. The building had been destined to become Moe’s Southwest Grill, but since the collapse, the city’s building inspectors have condemned the structure and ordered the remaining walls taken down.

At the time of the Terre Haute building collapse, one victim was working on a wooden roof truss while on a building wall, and the other worker was in a bucket lift. The building collapse knocked the bucket lift over, trapping one worker under the lift and the other one under the wooden roof trusses.

Witnesses said that one worker’s face was bloody and the other’s legs were buried under wooden debris. Both workers received transport to the hospital for their injuries. One suffered a leg injury and remained hospitalized. The other worker suffered more minor injuries. Authorities did not identify the workers by name. (Source: wishtv.com, 8/2/13)

The cause of the Terre Haute building collapse was under investigation and might receive attention from Indiana OSHA as well as local inspectors. The building collapse injury attorneys at Denena Points, PC offer their good wishes to the two workers for complete and rapid recoveries from their injuries.

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The OSHA Investigation Won’t Necessarily Help You Prove Your Claim

The building collapse injury attorneys at Denena Points, PC emphasize that OSHA can’t help you with your individual on-the-job injury claim. OHSA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, doesn’t have the manpower or the financial resources to help individual workers who’ve suffered injuries at work.


OSHA’s purpose is to develop, promulgate, and enforce U.S. regulations to ensure nationwide compliance with minimal safety standards in the workplace. When an unusual, high profile, or particularly serious workplace accident occurs, OSHA or the state branch of OSHA might go to the scene to conduct an investigation. But the agency’s purpose in this investigation is to determine if there were any new or unanticipated hazards involved in causing the accident.


If OSHA inspectors find new workplace dangers, they might recommend additional regulations to address the hazard. OSHA will also fine the employer for failure to comply with its workplace safety rules if the investigation shows employer noncompliance. The agency’s report might tell the employer the steps he needs to take to achieve greater workplace safety compliance and to avoid a repeat occurrence of the type of accident that injured you. But it won’t help you, the injured worker. You’ll need your own experienced building collapse injury attorney to help you. Contact us today to get the able legal help you need to prove your claim.

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