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Galveston water park injury attorneys post this news of a child’s water park accident as an example of the hidden injury dangers at water parks. La Chute at the Jay Peak water park resort begins with a 60-foot free fall that’s supposed to propel the rider through a U-shaped turn and up an enclosed tube to slide down.

La Chute is 300 feet long in total and relies on a guest’s weight to propel the rider through the turns and inclines of the slide. As such, La Chute has a minimum weight requirement for riders. Although the injured boy reportedly met the ride’s weight requirement, he somehow became stuck in the U-shaped turn leading up the incline.

La Chute’s ride attendant failed to notice that the boy became stuck and did not complete the ride. So the attendant sent a man down La Chute while the boy was still stuck inside. The man collided with the boy, presumably at fairly high speed. The boy received transport to a local hospital with reportedly minor injuries and was later released.

The Jay Peak water park resort closed the ride for some hours so that an investigation of the accident could be conducted. News accounts mention that resort officials stated that 50,000 guests had attended the water park without accidents since it opened. But the water park only opened in mid-December 2011, so it has not even made it through a full quarter without an injury accident.

News accounts of the boy’s injury accident provide few details, but our Galveston water park injury attorneys suggest that further water park safety precautions and procedures might be in order at Jay Peak. Additional training of ride attendants to ensure that they maintain awareness of rider whereabouts and safety is essential. In water parks, guests can become trapped or submerged and drown in moments. High-speed rides can lead to catastrophic collisions and injuries.

And it might be wise to raise the weight limit on the La Chute ride. Before other guests are allowed to risk their safety on La Chute, it should be determined whether the problem that trapped the boy in the tube is likely to recur, and if so, how to prevent it.

Our Galveston water park injury attorneys remind readers that water parks, while great fun, also present unique dangers. Before you attend a water park, look at its safety record. See what the park has to say about ride attendant training, and safety policies and procedures.

And if you’re injured at a water park and you need help holding the park accountable for the harm you’ve suffered, contact us for a free consultation. The goal of our dedicated and experienced Galveston water park injury attorneys is to help you attain the full financial recovery to which your injuries entitle you. Call today: 877-307-9500.

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