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What are the latest Texas statistics on commercial truck accidents? It seems like I've been losing a lot of time and money from wrecks involving my fleet of trucks. And it's not often my driver at fault either.



TxDOT crash statistics for 2010 reveal that 24,544 commercial vehicle crashes occurred throughout Texas. Of those nearly 25,000 crashes, 389 were fatal and 3,575 resulted in serious injuries. Approximately 10,000 injuries resulted from these commercial vehicle wrecks. TxDOT does say that accident statistics generally declined in 2010, but that no day of that year went by without at least one fatality on a Texas road. January 1st was the most deadly day, with 25 fatalities.


You probably know that Texas has seen a lot of population growth in recent years. Our Houston truck claim lawyers recognize that this growth has led to more commercial traffic as well as to more reckless or hurried drivers of passenger vehicles. While increased traffic congestion generally results in decreased speeds, making many crashes less severe, it also increases the odds of having a wreck in the first place.


Hiring experienced drivers, providing good training for your truck drivers, and encouraging adequate rest breaks can help them to continue to avoid causing crashes themselves. But there's not much a commercial fleet owner can do about the behavior of the others on the road around the trucks.


If one of your trucks or drivers is involved in an accident, and you need experienced legal help in proving fault and damages, contact us at Denena & Points for a free initial consultation to discuss the claim. One of our Houston truck claim lawyers once drove a commercial truck himself, and he understands the issues and how to identify the real causes behind a Texas truck accident.

Chad Points
Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer, One of Founding Partners, Denena & Points, PC